Java EE 7 教程 第二部分 平台基础 第3章 创建资源


3 Resource Creation

A resource is a program object that provides connections to such systems as database servers and messaging systems. Java EE components can access a wide variety of resources, including databases, mail sessions, Java Message Service objects, and URLs. The Java EE 7 platform provides mechanisms that allow you to access all these resources in a similar manner. This chapter examines several types of resources and explains how to create them.

The following topics are addressed here:

  • Resources and JNDI Naming
  • DataSource Objects and Connection Pools
  • Creating Resources Administratively

3 创建资源

资源是一个程序对象,它提供到例如数据库服务和消息系统的连接. Java EE组件可以访问多种资源, 包括数据库,邮件会话,Java消息服务对象和网址. Java EE 7平台提供机制允许你使用类似的方式访问所有这些资源. 本章剖析了几种类型的资源并阐述了如何创建他们.


  • 资源和JNDI命名
  • 数据源和连接池
  • 创建资源管理

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