Java EE 7 教程 第一部分 简介 第1章 概述 第1.6节 装配和部署Java EE应用


1.6 Java EE Application Assembly and Deployment

A Java EE application is packaged into one or more standard units for deployment to any Java EE platform-compliant system. Each unit contains

  • A functional component or components, such as an enterprise bean, web page, servlet, or applet
  • An optional deployment descriptor that describes its content

Once a Java EE unit has been produced, it is ready to be deployed. Deployment typically involves using a platform’s deployment tool to specify location-specific information, such as a list of local users who can access it and the name of the local database. Once deployed on a local platform, the application is ready to run.

1.6 装配和部署Java EE应用

一个Java EE应用程序被打包为可部署到任意Java EE兼容平台系统的一个或多个标准单元. 每个单元包含:

  • 一个功能组件或其他组件, 比如一个企业bean, 网页, servlet 或 applet
  • 一个可选的用于描述其内容的部署描述符

一旦产生一个Java EE单元,就可以进行部署.部署通常包括使用平台的部署工具指定特定位置信息, 例如谁可以访问它,本地数据库的名称,本地用户的列表. 一旦被部署在当前平台,该应用程序就可以运行了.

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