Create object to schedule execution of MATLAB commands

Use a timer object to schedule the execution of MATLAB commands one or multiple times. If you schedule the timer to execute multiple times, you can define the time between executions and how to handle queuing conflicts.

Fit Data with a Neural Network

Neural networks are good at fitting functions. In fact, there is proof that a fairly simple neural network can fit any practical function.


神经网络工具箱™ 为复杂模型计算和非线性系统提供函数和应用,其并不是容易计算解的模式化闭式方程. 神经网络工具箱支持基于前馈网络, 径向基和动态网络的监督学习. 当然,它也支持基于自组织映射和竞争层的非监督学习. 使用此工具箱,你可以设计,训练,验证和和模拟神经网络. 可以使用神经网络工具箱的应用程序实现数据拟合,模式识别,聚类,时间序列预测和动态系统建模与管理.

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